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Dr. Rebekah


A woman with long, black-brown hair, smiling, and wearing a blue shirt. She is standing in front of a large, green-leafed plant.


Welcome to My Practice

I am board-certified as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) across the lifespan and a licensed Washington State advance registered nurse practitioner (ARNP License # AP60976795). I hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice from University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Russell Sage College in New York State. I started my nursing career working in high-risk obstetrics. Over the years, I recognized ways in which mental health was often inadequately supported in our healthcare system, especially around the time of pregnancy. Because of this I sought additional training in reproductive psychiatry. I see clients with a variety of mental health issues and diagnoses including but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar spectrum disorders, panic disorder, PTSD, psychotic symptoms, and ADHD.

Meditation by the Sea

My Approach

I take a whole-person perspective when treating my patients. Medications are just one part of an integrated approach to wellness. Before prescribing psychiatric medications, I will first rule-out any underlying medical conditions for the symptoms you are experiencing. Please consider establishing care with a primary care provider prior to our first visit.

Philosophy of Care

I believe it is important to take the time for a comprehensive psychiatric exam. It allows us to find the right diagnosis so we can tailor treatment to best meet your needs. However, I believe that people are more than a diagnosis and focusing on a label is not always helpful. Ultimately, you are the expert on your experiences and symptoms, not me. 

Commitment to Clients

Guided by evidence-based practice, I follow a shared decision-making model of healthcare in which we work together to identify problematic symptoms and develop a plan of care based on your priorities. Together, I hope to improve and enrich your experience of life.

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