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Personalized Care and Guidance

As a passionate and board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. Scroll below to start learning how.

Working from Home


COVID-19 has changed the way all of us navigate our daily lives. Telehealth allows you to take care of yourself from the convenience of your home while avoiding the risks of infection. 

* Please note that telehealth services provided are limited to clients physically in Washington State.


Medication Management

Dr. Strong's primary focus is medication management. Psychiatry will involve some supportive psychotherapy which is informed by trauma work, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, infant and early childhood mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and components of dialectical behavioral therapy. 

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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can be a valuable tool for those who have had multiple, unsuccessful medication trials or for those who experience excessive side effects. The two companies used at Strong Mental Health are:

  • Genomind

  • Genesight

Lifestyle Coaching

At each visit, we will work together to identify the areas of your life which could be adjusted to better promote your mental health.  Often, it is the combination of behavior modifications, psychotherapy, and medications which will help you feel your best. 

Reproductive Psychiatry

“We have described pregnancy as a universal Lent in which one thousand talismanic things must be forsaken for the health of the developing child…(this) supports an illusion that the mother’s behavior can guarantee a healthy baby. But this presumption of self sacrifice often frightens depressed women away from seeking help.”

--- Andrew Solomon (NYT Magazine, 5/28/15)

Preconception Planning

Many people are surprised to learn that it is often safe to continue their psychiatric medications when anticipating pregnancy. In some cases, it it actually safer for you and the baby to continue your medications.

Psychiatric Care in Pregnancy

Ideally, we would have your medication plan optimized prior to pregnancy. However, it is not uncommon to need medication adjustments during pregnancy. For some, it is necessary to start medications during pregnancy to optimize parent-child wellbeing in the immediate postpartum period.

The Postpartum Year

Did you know that "postpartum" means after childbirth? It is a term which describes a point in time; not a psychiatric condition. The first postpartum year is full of changes for the entire family. Often, the gestational parent's physical and mental health is monitored for only 6 weeks after childbirth. The non-gestational parent may not have any monitoring or additional support offered. Non-gestational parents are encouraged to seek care with Strong Mental Health.

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